Voices from High Tech Nursing School Students

HMH sat down with some of HTNS’s first and second year students. Here is what they had to say about their dreams and experiences with HTNS.

1st year students

“I’m fascinated with the study of science and am learning basic nursing information at HTNS. I hope to specialize in pediatrics because too many babies die from lack of basic healthcare in Haiti. This breaks my heart, but I hope my education will help me make a difference.”
–Francesca, HTNS 1st year student

“I have a deep concern for the lack of proper healthcare in Haiti. I believe getting an education in nursing is the best way to help people and provide a brighter outlook for healthcare and the people of Haiti. With my training through HTNS, I’m eager to begin work in community health.”
–Wedilyne, HTNS 1st year student

“HTNS has outstanding teachers and provides excellent hands-on nursing training. I find psychology fascinating and am passionate about mental health advocacy. I understand there are many problems in Haiti that need to be addressed and that’s why when I complete nursing school I hope to serve as a Community Health worker.”
–Herbica, HTNS 1st year student

2nd year students

“I wanted to become a nurse since I was a little girl and study pediatrics. I’m grateful to be at HTNS, fulfilling one of my dreams. HTNS has wonderful teachers who are kind and also teach with their heart as much as their head. This school is unique because it has a medical clinic, which treats and educates people in need of care. As a second year student, we get to actually practice and work with real health issues.”
–Caroline, HTNS 2nd year student

“Being a student at the HTNS allows me to get to know and help the people in the local community. I’m passionate about nursing and enjoy learning techniques that will allow me to treat people more compassionately. I’m eager to help end suffering brought on by diseases such as Cholera, Ebola, MRSA, and drug resistant tuberculosis. I also want to learn more about the plagues of this era and nurse in an epidemic. HTNS is preparing me to be successful in my future nursing career.”
–Steeve, HTNS 2nd year student

“In the first year at HTNS you are mostly just gaining knowledge and information. In the second year at HTNS you are more hands on, applying learned procedures and really beginning to develop nursing skills. Nursing is a great career choice for me because it covers many areas; treatment, education, research and community service. My goal is to bring people together and create partnerships to solve the inequalities of healthcare in Haiti.”
–Dorsens, HTNS 2nd year student

“The place to improve the world is first in one’s own heart and head and hands.”
–ROBERT M. PIRSIG, Philosopher