What is HMH looking for in a volunteer?

Our mission statement is the underpinning of our work. We are looking for individuals who are: dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for all Haitians to obtain and maintain optimal health. While we recognize that time, money, and talents are always under constraint, we ask that our volunteers give generously when they can. Volunteers are expected to give 100% of their effort during the mission trips. In return, HMH will give 100% in preparing you for your experience before, during and after our trip to Haiti. There are many misconceptions about Haiti and the country’s ability to self-govern. We ask that our volunteers suspend preconceived notions and enter into the work with the goal of building local capacity as opposed to delivering “charity.”

Does HMH select volunteers on the basis of their religious beliefs?

While HMH is a faith-based organization based on Christian values, we welcome volunteers of all faiths. We do not engage in evangelizing, but we ask that our volunteers be willing to represent HMH in a manner that is congruent with our beliefs. This means providing care to clients without discrimination, praying before meals, and respecting our partners’ spiritual/religious beliefs.

I am not a medical professional, can I still volunteer with HMH?

Yes. HMH teams are multi-disciplinary. Team composition varies depending on current priorities as identified by our Haitian affiliate organizations. Past activities have included unskilled manual labor, art, music, games and sponsor correspondence.

When do you travel to Haiti and how long are the trips?

Trips occur in January and are one week in length.

How much does it cost?

Volunteers pay a daily stipend and airfare. The daily stipend is $100/day and covers food, lodging and in-country transportation. Round-trip airfare ranges from $500 – 700.

What are the accommodations?

We stay at the home of the clinic director and his family. Sleeping arrangements are 3-6 people/room primarily on air mattresses. Indoor plumbing is available.

What do I need to do to prepare to volunteer in Haiti?

The following preparations are mandatory:

Recommended reading:

  • The Crisis Caravan: What’s Wrong with Humanitarian Aid? by Linda Polman
  • The Uses of Haiti by Paul Farmer
  • Haiti after the Earthquake by Paul Farmer
  • The Big Truck that Went By by Jonathon M. Katz

What do you accept for donations?

HMH strives to support the local Haitian economy to the extent possible. We buy as many supplies, medications, and hire as many staff in country as possible. What we are not able to purchase in country we purchase in the U.S. through reputable sources/suppliers; therefore monetary donations are the most helpful. Unfortunately, HMH is unable to accept the following items: expired or unsolicited medical supplies, unused or expired medications, clothing, and shoes.